The Divine Heights is the foundations housing program. Youth experience the historical feel of an Inn while being supported in a family atmosphere. The Inn offers 12 beds to unaccompanied youth in an environment that promotes independence and structure at the same time. Youth receive the following services: case management, trauma care, entrepreneurship/STEM educational training, performing arts and scholarships. 

Interested youth can complete the attached application for consideration. 

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Performing Arts

The Divine III Step Team and Mentoring Program serves youth ages 8-18 whom display positive character and personality traits beyond their circumstances. These youth receive 24/7 mentoring services in the areas of education, behavior modification, personal development and professional development. The youth compete and perform in local and national step competitions on an annual basis. 

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Trauma Care

L4NR means Love For No Reason. The program offers trauma care services to the young people in The Divine Heights. The young people receive case management within the shelter, mentoring within the transitional and independent  living program as well as life coaching within the permanent housing program.  This clinical, yet therapeutic approach to each phase of the program will help youth learn how to live with the effects of their individualized trauma.  This program will utilize the KHAOS mindset only. 

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E&S Academy is the Entrepreneur and STEM Program for the young people in The Divine Heights. Within this 6 week program ,the youth will receive additional enrichment beyond that of their public/private school setting in the areas of science, math, engineering and technology. In conjunction, the youth  will participate in the entrepreneur curriculum with peers that have similar interests in order to plan, develop, build and execute their own businesses.   

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The Miss BBW Scholarship Pageantry System offers collegiate women at historically black colleges and universities the opportunity to gain confidence through skills of:

1. Public Speaking

2.  Personal Appearance 

3. Professional Development 

4. Community Service 

5. Stage Presence

 In order to earn scholarships to further their undergraduate education. 

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We conduct the following as outreach within communities in order to engage youth:

1. Homeless Youth Transportation 

2. 4 Annual Workshops

3. 2 Annual Conferences

4. Community Center After School Programs  

5. Public/Private/Charter School After School Programs

6. Summer Camps 

7. Crisis Hotline  

8. Nolan Clubhouse


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