The Divine Heights Inn

The Divine Heights Inn is not your traditional shelter program. It takes after the historical feel of an Inn, mixed with the family environment of "Big Momma's" House. On top of meeting the safety, security and basic needs of our youth, we provide them with structured programming that ensures economic sustainability upon completion of the 6-week program. Youth can expect: 

  • An individual or shared room in a house with 12 peers
  • Meals and Snacks 
  • Transportation Assistance 
  • Minimal financial support 
  • Library and Technology room 
  • Shared living, dining and family rooms
  • Furnished bedrooms 
  • Complete Laundry Room
  • Qualified and Passionate Staff
We serve unaccompanied youth by offering them the following:   

House Parent Model

Our House Parent Model provides our youth and young adults with the daily safety/security, guidance, support, structure, and love they need upon identifying themselves as an unaccompanied youth.  Our House Parent ensures the first three levels of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs are met for each of our youth. Youth's physiological needs are met immediately upon entering the Inn with the House Parent providing meals, shelter, clothes, and a bed.  Youth's safety needs are met throughout completing the unaccompanied youth ADL Skills curriculum created by the foundation with their House Parent during their stay. Youth's love and belonging needs will be met by partaking in the family environment provided by the Inn's culture. 

Trauma Care 

In order to meet the Esteem section of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, The Divine Heights implements a two-phase system that addresses unaccompanied youth specifically. The first phase addresses our youth's past/current traumas, their understanding of respect, self-esteem, and freedom as it relates to mental wellness. Our Partner in mental wellness, Khaos Inc, offers intentional services in these areas through group and individual interventions. The approach allows youth to identify with a character that looks, thinks, and behaves almost identical to themselves. The workbooks and activities provide youth the opportunity to work through feelings and thoughts they would not normally be able to address. Lastly, the curriculum teaches youth how to cope with any situation, circumstance or obstacle they may encounter while still providing them hope while they "Keep Healing and Overcoming Struggles."   

Case Management

The second phase to meeting the Esteem section of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is through our intentional-individualized case management program. Youth participate in virtual sessions with the case manager that supports them in creating the plan necessary to obtain health care, legal services, educational services, employment/career placement, financial management, housing and community involvement. Youth receive the necessary assessments and evaluations to be able to identify with their own characteristics, personality, skills, and abilities. The case manager will provide advocacy on behalf of the unaccompanied youth in the community throughout the process of aligning their resources. Youth follow their intentional-individualized plan during their 6-week program and obtain a permanency plan upon completion for their next phase of supports.  

Entrepreneurship and STEM Academy

The foundation created the Entrepreneurship and STEM Academy for unaccompanied youth that teaches the principles, policies, procedures and educational processes required to obtain multiple sources of income.  Youth determine what type of business they would like to establish upon entering the Inn. Youth are assessed on their strengths/abilities in STEM upon entering the Inn. For 6 weeks, unaccompanied youth participate in rigorous training on STEM enrichment and business practices with their peers. After completing 5 weeks of sessions, youth present their business models and STEM learnings to community partners in hopes of investment opportunities. This program offers scholarships for licensing and certifications to youth whom successfully complete the curriculum.    


  • Must be an unaccompanied youth between 16-25
  • Must be gainfully employed 
  • Must be enrolled in a secondary or higher education institution 
  • Capable of living independently 
  • Willing to follow program guidelines 

Organization Referral 

Organizations whom have come in contact with an unaccompanied youth and or young adult may refer them to The Divine Heights by completing the below referral form. 

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School Referral 

Institutions of secondary and higher education whom have come in contact with an unaccompanied youth and or young adult may refer them to The Divine Heights by completing the below referral form.

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Youth Referral 

Unaccompanied youth/ young adults can refer themselves to The Divine Heights by completing the below referral form.

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